Cuerdas, simple medida (Coreogego) Restage @ Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

March 6,8,20,24; April 7,8; May 12,19,21; June 23,30; July 8


Between February and July 2022, the exhibition Gego. The Architecture of an Artist, at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart will feature Cuerdas, simple medida (Coreogego), Sonia Sanoja’s iconic choreography, thanks to the close collaboration between the Kunstmuseum and the Fundación Sonia Sanoja – Alfredo Silva Estrada. The restage will be directed by Venezuelan choreographer Claudia Capriles with the participation of dancers from the John Crancko School, Stuttgart.

A curatorship by Stefanie Reisinger, the exhibition is the result of a 3 year research on a body of 100 works by the artist in loan by the Fundación Gego to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

Gego (Getrud Goldschmidt, Hamburg, 1912 – 1994, Caracas) and Sonia Sanoja (Caracas, 1932 – 2017, Caracas) were two emblematic women for the arts in Venezuela and Latin-America. According to Sanoja, their deep friendship stemed from a mutual sharing of their aesthetic and conceptual ideals.

Probably the highest point in the relationship between Sonia Sanoja y Gego can be found at Cuerdas, simple medida (Coreogego), conceived by Sonia Sanoja in 1978. She first presented a series of solos at the opening of Gego’s first solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas in 1977, and then developed that work into a choreography that conveys the most avantgard art of the time in Venezuela. To the aesthetics of Gego and choreography by Sonia Sanoja, were added the poetic voice of Alfredo Silva Estrada (1933-2009) with a fragment of his poem Variaciones sobre Reticuláreas: Homenaje a Gego, together with a musical composition by de Alfredo del Mónaco (1938-2015), pioneer in electronic music in Venezuela.

The choreography Cuerdas, Simple Medida (Coreogego), will be part of the opening of the exhibition on 18/02/2022. The exhibition program include other 12 presentations.